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Shaping the Future of Work Podcast!

We’re excited to share some big news with you – we've just launched a new podcast series called "Shaping the Future of Work: One Podcast at a time," and we're giving you an exclusive preview before it's officially released to the world!

So, what can you expect? Episode one starts by defining the Future of Work, exploring its key characteristics and the need for adaptation. We dive into pressing topics like AI and GenAI's influence on the workforce, wellbeing at work, fostering curiosity, measuring experimentation and much more! Throughout the series you can expect insightful discussions, fresh perspectives, practical tips, and an engaging exploration of emerging trends.

Which dimension(s) of Future of Work is your organisation exploring?

  • Mindset

  • Leadership

  • Technology

  • Ways of working

You can vote for more than one answer.

Until next time…

Radha, Olivier & Laurent

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