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"Employee experience is the sum of the various perceptions employees have about their interactions with each domain of the organisation in which they work."

Olivier Dubuisson

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Employee experience is a relatively new term which is being widely used across organisation of all sizes across the globe.  It encompasses everything employees experience from their physical and virtual working environments, ways in which they innovate and collaborate, the culture and values of the organisation, formal and informal learning opportunities and the support they receive.  These experiences help shape organisations and their culture, they have a direct impact on how employees perceive the brand they work for, how they perform and how long they stay for.

There are many ways in which organisations can shape employee experience.  You can discover below some of our areas of expertise


Employee-centricity is all about creating a work environment and culture that prioritises the needs, desires, and well-being of employees. It is the mindset and approach that empathises and places focus on employees in order to gain a deeper understanding of how you can bring them to peak-performing levels of work! 


Organisations which are employee-centric continuously improve the employee experience through active listening and addressing employee feedback and concerns. Sounds simple… however, it requires the right leadership, culture and processes in place to make a real difference. Luckily, we can help! 


Experience insights unlocks evidence-based knowledge of your workforce which creates more effective, efficient and people-centric employee experiences. 


Employee insights are critical for organisations as they provide a deeper understanding of demographic information as well as the needs, wants and perceptions of employees. Organisations which prioritise experience insights are better at identifying trends and patterns in employee attitudes and behaviors, which can inform decision-making and strategy. 


We can help generate insights for you today through interviews, focus groups, surveys or behaviour-based digital tools. 

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Moments that Matter are experiences employees go through that have an impact on their lives. They can be personal or work related events. They are different to the employee lifecycle as they don’t tend to be linear, most of them can take place at any time across an employee’s tenure at an organisation.


Our  team can help you identify the Moments that Matter specific to your organisation and employees. With Moments that Matter defined organisations are able to target and prioritise areas to create better employee experiences.


Experience insights help design personas which give you a better understanding of who your employees are. 


They are fictional characters that represent real employee groups. They are designed through research and analysis of the needs, goals, pains, behaviors and motivations of your employees, and are used to help organizations understand and design for the needs of their workforce.  


Organisations that design personas can create experiences which improve business outcomes, increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.  


Start understanding your employees better today! 

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Journey maps are designed to help understand the steps and actions your personas take as they work towards a process, goal or task, as well as their feelings and emotions along the way.  


Bringing personas and journey maps together help organisations gather an understanding of their employees and help them to create more efficient and effective, people-centric products, services and experiences.  It can also help identify new opportunities for innovation and growth.  


Start building great experiences today! 

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Agile ways of working have transformed how teams perform and produce increments of work packages. Concepts such as Minimal Viable Product and ways of working have transformed how teams collaborate and deliver.

Employee experience is also about how we work agile, not limiting the approaches we know work to just technical development but anything we can define as a product.  

Find out more about how Agile HR can help you on your Employee Experience and Future of Working journey.


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