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"Dream. Believe. Dare. Do."

Walt Disney

Rythmik is a consultancy dedicated to helping organisations create memorable experiences for their employees.  We call this the future of working and when done right the results are unimaginable - a happier, motivated and productive workforce!

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Our journey starts with our founders Olivier and Radha, both from a technology background and passionate about one thing - creating simple experiences for their customers. Whilst working on projects focussing on User Experience across a range of industries they made a discovery: what if they could apply similar practices of creating great experiences within organisations changing how people felt and performed at work.


With great determination and a bit of luck they transitioned their careers into the HR space.


Their paths crossed in 2014 and the start of their collaboration began. Working in organisations to lead, build and define Employee Experience and the Future of Work as we know it today!


With all their knowledge, experience and learnings Olivier and Radha felt they could do more to help people and organisations create great places to work whilst driving operational excellence.
The challenge ahead was clear. They decided to take it. 
And Rythmik was formed.



Ways of Working Transformation

Industry: Life Sciences
HQ: Switzerland
Employees: 100k+
Duration: 18 months
Impact: Global
Completed: 2023

Leading a transformation program on ways of working for 100k+ employees using an experiment-based and data-led approach.

The program concluded that the best ways of working for the company was to shift to Hybrid Working. Using a people-centric mindset, led the program to completion.

With 100+ experiments concluded, millions of data point and leveraging the most advanced analytics tools, defined the future of working guideline as well as dedicated communities of practices to deploy the hybrid working practices at scale.


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