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In order to tailor our approach to your organisation, we offer a wide range of services focused on new ways of working and hybrid working. We do so by leveraging our in-depth expertise and research into ways of working, having run large scale transformations and change management programmes into future of working, operating models, systems and processes.

Leadership coaching

We offer tailored individual coaching for leaders to help them lead effectively in a hybrid world. Our coaching journey kicks off with the Hybrid Working Manager Report to help us identify where to focus our efforts through a practice-led approach. This may include team activities and feedback.


Are you struggling with implementing a hybrid working approach across your organisation?


Or looking to upskill your manager capability to keep your employees motivated or engaged?


With our extensive experience of running large scale transformation programmes, we can help your organisation embrace new ways of working in a post covid world.

Ways of working & team agreements

Our tailored team journeys on new ways of working allow you and your team to make hybrid working successful by focusing on seven key hybrid leadership behaviours:

  • Understanding Hybrid Working

  • Mitigating Proximity Bias

  • Building Trust and Inclusion

  • Collaborating & Connecting

  • Leading with Empathy

  • Leading Better Meetings

  • Managing Wellbeing


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