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Through curiosity we innovate, set new limits and drive growth.


The emergence of Generative AI is transforming how we do things. But how can it impact the future of work? Whether you work in a large organisation, a small business or still figuring out what you want to do one thing is for certain, Generative AI will impact how you will work in the future.   


#BeCurious is an initiative designed by Rythmik encouraging people to experiment with Generative AI. In fact we’re on a mission to bring 100 people on this journey. We believe that, by having an open mind, experiencing workplace disruptors and learning, we are better equipped for the future and the impact it may have.


Here is what to do: using our Generative AI tool below, follow the steps to generate an image. The image should show what the world work will look like in 2050. Once generated your image will make its way to our hall of fame for everyone to see!

Curious? Why not give it a try for yourself? 

Here is the #BeCurious Wall Of Fame

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